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How to get back on the right track. 

Why being a Creator in 2024 allows you to provide value with your ideas, instead of your hours. 

2 mental models to stay on top of your to-do list without burning out.

Atlas receives a challenge after the wedding ceremony. 

How practicing just three skills can double your level in life. 

Atlas arrives at Jays wedding a mess. 

Atlas struggles to come to terms with the senseless violence Humanity is capable of. 

Is it worth risking your life to save someone else's?

A Short Fairy Tale About Forgiveness. 

The difference between internal and external motivation, and how to build a project to upgrade your life. 

The easiest way to use AI to make high quality images and art for free. 

How can we protect ourselves from overwhelm with so much information constantly bombarding our senses? 

How distraction is ruining us, and how we can break out of its addictive cycle. 

The Surprising Ripple Effects of Choosing to Do the Right Thing.

Do we have any say in how our lives play out? 

Why are we here on this big blue rock?. How can we spend our time her purposefully?

Diving into the power of perspective, finding out your own perspective, as well as how to navigate others, to enable positive and meaningful interactions. 

What does an Ideal future society look like? 

This is my take on how we could enable everyone to live their best lives. 

Figure out who you are and who you want to be by understanding your thoughts & feelings. 

How you can play the game of life to win, succeed and be fulfilled while balancing all the different elements that make up the game. 

How to deal with change, both internal and external, so that we can better deal with whatever life throws at us. 

How to set yourself up for success by setting good goals and holding yourself accountable. 

Cultivating happiness in a world of chaos. 

Building your life around conscious decisions. 

The state of plastics, the recycling problem & a look at plastic alternatives for the future. 

How to get out of your own head by spreading some love. 


Sharing what I learnt while pulling myself out of depression. 

Pros and Cons of the new Social Media by Meta. 

A little bit about my personal philosophy and where it comes from.

My thoughts on the grand timeline of the Universe.

Small changes that can lead to extraordinary progress. 

Tips for leading a balanced life that you can truly enjoy.