Communication, Creativity, and Consistency

How practicing just three skills can double your level in life. 

Every type of success can be broken down into a few basic skills that have been mastered in conjunction to build something amazing. Some skills are mandatory no matter which type of success you are seeking. 


Communication skills are essential no matter what you do, no matter how smart you are. 

If you can’t explain what you do and why it matters… how can others see the value? 

The art of getting a message across is fundamental to any interaction with any person. 

We usually just think about “good communication” as someone who can write a good essay or make a good speech, but it’s all the little details that go into it that really count.

 Communication is, at its core, a type of telepathy. It is taking the idea you have in your head: the point you want to make, or thing you want to describe - and painting that picture in someone else's head as best as possible. Getting that idea across with the same intention, feeling, and clarity that it holds in your own head is hard though. 

That is why communication is a skill that should be actively practiced. Those that work to become good communicators, open the door for themselves. They can nail every unplanned elevator pitch, they can nail the first impressions, the great dialogue, and the discussions. When it comes to people, they can do it all. 


Creativity is a skill that can be practiced, just like any other. 

If you don’t believe you are a creative person, that just means you’re skills might be a bit rusty, that's okay! 

Creativity can be practiced in so many different ways. You can keep a log of ideas. You can write stories; in words, pictures, and sounds.  You can work your imagination in any which way that you please, choosing how you express your creativity is a creative task in itself. All you must do is to express it. And please for god's sake don’t trap yourself in a box thinking you have to stick to a certain medium of creativity. 

Stay experimenting, always. 

As technology gets better and better, we begin to move away from the information age, and into the imagination age. Soon Artificial Intelligence will be able to create just about any form of creative media with a simple description.

We need to practice the skills that lie within ideas so that we can use technology to our benefit. 


Consistency is how you turn your other skills of creativity (making something cool), and communication (showing people the cool thing you made), into a true passion. 

If you are consistent in your practice of creativity and communication, then you will certainly get better over time. 

Once you do it for long enough, you’ll find that you can do almost anything you want. 

You have ideas in your head that will keep coming faster and better - because you have been practicing your creativity -  and you have the skills necessary to get those creative outlets in front of people's eyes, allowing you to build a following and get paid for the work you do. 

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