Threads, an instagram app

What is Threads?

Threads is the new "Twitter Killer" released by Meta this Wednesday on July 5th. It functions a lot like Twitter in the form factor of being a mainly text based social network, unlike Instagram or Facebook. 

Since it came out, I have been testing Threads to see what it's like and find out if it's worth using. I'll share my thoughts as well as the pros & cons of this first release version of the app so far. 

Threads is trying to succeed where Twitter failed, Meta is taking the bet that people want a text based social network such as Twitter but without all the politics and drama that Twitter has been under since it's purchase by Elon Musk. 

So far, they have done a pretty good job. From my experience Threads is a more positive less political version of Twitter, and because it allows you to transfer over your account from Instagram, they have a built-in reach of 2 Billion people right out of the gate. 


Easy set-up

This makes for super easy convenience when downloading Threads. 

It took me 10 seconds to set up my Threads account- Not exaggerating. 

When you download the app it gives you the option to transfer your account over from Instagram, Your profile picture, bio,  any links you have set up and even your following list. 

One point Threads

Potential to spark change

Another big pro that I've found from the Text-based nature is that I think it has the potential to host some super interesting conversations, about any topic. If this app succeeds in the long-run, this is going to by why. It has to potential to spark and inspire real change, more than any other platform does, because you can truly share Ideas on Threads. 

Which leads to my last Pro point. 

Threads has SUPER high engagement. 

On other platforms such as Instagram or Tik-Tok, most people dont comment on posts, they simply view it -> like it -> move on. 

On Threads however- at least from my experience - A lot more content is based on the interactions with the users. Your favorite content creator might make a post sharing an idea and ask for his audiences thoughts. So the main purpose of the app is not just scrolling for entertainment, but also replying to others and sharing your own ideas. Not every post is a big deal anymore, so people don't need to fear sharing their ideas. 


Difiicult for non-content creators to get posts seen

In a similar sense to any other social media, It can be hard to get posts seen if you don't already have a follower base. Unfortunately this means that some of the best ideas may go unseen. The reason I mention this is because I think Threads has the opportunity to be more of a communal space for the people of Earth to share ideas, and not all people with ideas to share will have spent the time to build up a following. 

People who are used to other socials have growing pains

If your used to using other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or Tik-Tok. Getting used to Threads may take some time. This is because you don't need to talk in order to be active on other platforms. 

Not Threads. 

The text-based nature of Threads means that it's not quite so mindless as the other social medias. 

You can still Doom-scroll just like Instagram but you have to think and read a bit more ;)

It's still new

This is only version 1 of the App, this means that they're likely to change and improve the app with the feedback from the tens of millions of active users already. It also means that there might be some bugs or features they havn't had a chance to fix just yet. 

Not available in the EU

Due to some regulations, Meta has decided not to release the app in the EU just yet, so if you live in the EU, you'll have to wait to try it out just yet. 


If your looking for a less doom & gloom social media, I think Threads is the way to go. The community feels a lot more wholesome and positive than other social networks and I hope it stays that way. 

I think theres still some kinks to work out with the app, but it has the potential to be a great place for conversation and sharing Ideas and I truly hope that it can be a place where Ideas can be shared and talked about in a way that leads to real change. 

Those are just my thoughts on Threads, I think it's worth a try just to check it out, but if your used to other socials, you might not like it 🤷‍♂️.