AI Image Guide 

Everyone knows about AI nowadays, and people are finding cool new use-cases for it every day. One of the biggest changes that came from AI development has been the creation of images using AI, being able to turn any words or ideas into a full fledged, high quality, piece of art. But not everyone knows how to make these images. 

Since I have some experience making AI art over the past year -  since the beta for DALL-E 2 came out in august of 2022 - I thought I would share what I have learnt, so that you can make cool art yourself. 

I have used free image generators to create images for presentations, for these blog posts, for instagram posts, as well as for clothing designs I sell on my store

What you can use AI images for

You can use AI images for presentations, for social media posts, poster art, and much more. These images can be helpful graphics to get your points across, they can be entertaining, or used as b-roll.  

 The Process 

I have perfected the process of making these images quickly and cleanly using a combination of an AI text generator, alongside an AI image generator. Below is a prompt you can copy and fill in the blank for whatever you need it for. 

"I need to make an image for a project. I want it to be in ____ style. can you give me a description of ____ for an AI image generator, that includes details such as the lighting, style of art, as well as the foreground and background. Limit your description to 380 characters, and start the description with the name of the style."  ( 380 characters is the limit for most image generators at the time of writing this. ) 

I then copy my response from the text generator into Bing AI and create my images. If I like one of the images, I can download it for whatever I need it for. If I don't, I can adjust the prompt description, or go into the built-in Microsoft designer where I can edit the image as I like. 


There is a whole bunch of different art styles you can use for an AI image, so I cannot list all of them, but here below are some of my personal favorites. Below I will copy the prompt above into Claude AI only changing the style. 

Realism: Hyper-realistic

Bing Prompt: "Hyper-realistic: A green sea turtle with a purple paisley shell pattern floats midwater playing a drum set, isolated against solid black. Turtle has drumsticks in hands hitting cymbal and snare drum emitting sound waves. Warm light rays shine diagonally from above left illuminating turtle and instruments. Highly detailed realistic rendering with ripple effects surrounding turtle and subtle blue fill light from below."

Traditional Media: Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Pen and Ink Illustration, Pencil Sketch

Bing Prompt:Pencil sketch: A cartoon sea turtle with a polka dot shell floats playing drumset comprised of snare, cymbals, bass. Turtle has a cheerful expression, grasping drumsticks mid-beat. Drums emit music notes bubbles. Background simple gradients of light blue and surface water ripples. Sketch style with smooth pencil textures, flowing charcoal shadows. Turtle in foreground sharp focus playing drums, softer ripples surround him. Whimsical subject matter and expression conveys underwater music session.

Digital Art: Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Concept Art, Video Game Art

Bing Prompt: Digital Art: A green sea turtle with purple geometric shell pattern jams on a glowing LED drumset emitting blue light rays. Set includes orange holographic cymbals, silver circular snare. Turtle has blue headphones, neon drumsticks, concentrated happy expression. Underwater scene with particle effects, circular bubbles. Background abstract shards in blue, purple. Flat vivid vector illustration style with soft gradients, fluid shapes. Turtle brightly lit centered playing futuristic drums

Modern Art: Cubism, Abstract Art, Surrealism, Pop Art, Op Art, Minimalism

Bing Prompt: Surrealist: A green sea turtle floats in a starry purple space playing glowing snare drum emitting swirls of smoke. Multicolored clocks melt in background next to a floating golden pyramid. Turtle wears a black bowler hat, has a tiny mustache, concentrates hitting drumsticks mid-beat. Surreal scene combines ordinary turtle with mystical cosmic elements and melting objects. Vivid tones of purple, green, gold, black in cosmic painting style. Turtle brightly spotlighted, whimsy

Portraiture: Classical Portrait, Expressionist Portrait

Bing Prompt: Expressionist Portrait: Extreme close up of sea turtle drummer captured mid-beat. Intense abstract face rendered in thick swirling brushstrokes of green and blue. One eye visible wide and frenzied conveying passion. Open mouth filled with piano key teeth bared in effort. Purple and orange brushstroke background suggests musical energy emanating. Tortured artist style portrait externalizes the turtle performer's intense creative musical experience.

Landscapes: Plein Air, Pastoral, Atmospheric Landscape, Cityscape

Bing Prompt: Atmospheric Landscape: A green sea turtle drummer on the seafloor playing glowing drum set as schools of fish swim by, rising bubbles and rays of light shine down through rippling water surface. Hazy background of rock ridges and blue water fading into mist conveys wonder. Overall composition directs eye down toward central musician turtle spotlit on sandy bottom. Peaceful underwater scene shows turtle pursuing creative passion surrounded by ethereal undulating landscape.

Still Life: Fruit Arrangement, Flower Arrangement, Everyday Objects

Bing Prompt: Still life: In dappled underwater light, a turtle, bathed in hues of cerulean and jade, plays drums on a bed of coral. Soft, ethereal strokes capture the rhythmic dance of bubbles. Subtle shadows dance on the seabed, and whimsical aquatic plants frame the scene, their tendrils swaying with the ocean's melody.

Genre Scenes: Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Bing Prompt: Fantasy: Bioluminescent depths illuminate a mystical underwater realm where a majestic turtle, adorned with iridescent shells, orchestrates a drumming symphony. Ethereal glow emanates from enchanted corals, casting a surreal radiance. Whimsical sea creatures gather, spellbound, as the aquatic concert unfolds in the enchanted twilight.

Design: Graphic Design, Textile Design, Pattern Design

Bing Prompt: Graphic Design: Bold lines and vibrant colors define a sleek underwater scene. A turtle, with a modern geometric shell, grooves on drums surrounded by stylized bubbles. Neon highlights accentuate the dynamic composition, and a gradient backdrop transitions from deep blue to electric turquoise, adding a contemporary flair.

Architecture: Architectural Concepts and Renderings, Blueprints

Bing Prompt: Blueprint: In a monochromatic aquatic blueprint, precise lines detail a turtle's shell and drum set submerged in technical clarity. Underwater shadows mimic architectural drafting, while subtle gradients indicate depth. The minimalist backdrop features schematic waves and bubbles, encapsulating the precise engineering of an underwater drumming turtle.

Sculpture: Marble Sculpture, Bronze Cast Sculpture, Ice Sculpture

Bing Prompt: Bronze Cast: Bathed in warm, ambient light, a bronze turtle elegantly beats bronze drums amidst aquatic currents. Sculpted with lifelike details, the metallic sheen captures the essence of timeless artistry. Subtle patina enriches the underwater ambiance, while a submerged ancient ruin provides a regal backdrop, creating a fusion of classical sculpture and marine mystique. 

Cartoons and Comics: Anime, Manga, Webcomic, Political Cartoon, Caricature, Funny Animal

Bing Prompt: Caricature: Playful exaggeration defines the underwater spectacle as a whimsical turtle rocks out on oversized drums. Cartoonish features bring the turtle to life, with comically large flippers and a mischievous grin. Sunbeams spotlight the scene, casting a lighthearted glow on animated bubbles. A coral reef backdrop adds a touch of marine humor, completing this lively and amusing caricature


Text generators: 

- ChatGPT

- Claude AI 

- Bing chat 

- Google Bard

All of these text generators will give you perfectly good descriptions for images. ChatGPT will give you the fastest responses, and typically has no issues sticking to the 380 character limit. 

Image generators: 

- Bing DALLE-3 ( free ) 

- Craiyon ( paid ) 

- Midjourney ( paid ) 

- Deep AI ( paid ) 

- Runway AI ( paid ) 

- Dream Studio - Stability AI ( Paid ) 

Considering most image creators are either bad quality or cost money to use, Bings’  image creator is the way to go. It delivers high quality images with the most up-to-date AI model.

Age of AI 

We are moving into the world of AI, as more and more use-cases are found for it, there is no doubt that for many people, using AI can save you time and money nowadays. It is also a valuable skillset to be able to create high quality text and image prompts for AI and is a good addition to any resume. If you don't want to be left behind, do some more experimenting to see what you can use it for!